Stay Safe and Sound Behind the Wheel

Ask us about our aftermarket car alarms sold and installed in Billings, MT

While most modern vehicles come standard with some anti-theft features, these options rarely include some of the more advanced features found in other systems that can save your life. If you want to protect yourself and your vehicle fully, visit Wired and Company to add a premium car alarm system. We sell a wide range of aftermarket car alarms from our local shop in Billings, MT.

Most of the aftermarket car alarms we sell have advanced features like low-battery alarms, onboard temp sensors and magnetic shock sensors. You'll have greater peace of mind every time you get behind the wheel.

Call today to see what type of car alarm system might be best for you.

Pick up a signal no matter where you are

Getting stranded on US 191 or US 2 in the middle of the night is no joke. With some of the most treacherous and desolate roadways in America, good cell reception can literally save your life. That's why we install cell boosters from weBoost like the Drive Reach OTR. It can connect to cell towers significantly farther away, giving you a fast and reliable signal in some of the most remote areas.

While these products are extremely popular for long-haul truckers, anyone can take advantage of these benefits. Reach out today to learn more.

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