Upgrade Your Old Car Stereo

Rely on us for a quality car audio installations in Billings, MT

Tired of cracking, popping car speakers and limited stereo functionality? If you're still using a car stereo built in the 90s, it's time for a serious upgrade. Wired and Company offers full car audio installations and conversions in Billings, MT. We'll remove your stock car stereo setup and hook you up with a brand-new, feature-loaded system.

You never have to settle for whatever sound system came standard from the dealer. We sell premium, aftermarket car speakers from industry leaders like Hertz, Ground Zero and Pioneer.

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Signs you need to replace your car's aftermarket speakers

You spend a lot more time in your vehicle than you might think. If you haven't had your car stereo system inspected in years, it's likely time to consider an upgrade. Take a look at our aftermarket car speakers if you've noticed:

  • Strange popping, hissing or cracking noises
  • Distorted or muffled audio
  • Poor range with high and low notes missing

New car audio systems also make it easy to connect to your smart phone, giving you immediate access to your entire music collection without any dangling wires. Visit our shop today to view all of your options.

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